Children Of The Dumps

in Managua, Nicaragua

A ministry run by children for the children of the dumps.

Total Funds Raised:  $ 3,828.92*!!!! (updated 6/27/2008)

*Some of the above nondesignated funds went to help orphans and needy children in Uganda through CRI (Childrens Rescue International)

100% of ALL donations go directly to help children in need.  We are a 501(C)3 IRS approved non-profit.

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Children and whole families are living in huge dumps outside Managua, Nicaragua in an area the locals call "la chureca" a slang for trash dumps.  These people constantly scavenge the heaps of garbage for any scrap of food and usable item.  An estimated 2,500 people or about 500 families live and die in these dumps . They suffer from lung diseases due to constant fires.  They suffer from hunger and lack of shelter.  Some children in bare feet paw through garbage and broken glass looking for hope....

In fact, some children who were digging in the trash had found some cocoa beans and eaten them. They were covered in pesticide. Three of the children died (age 10, 9, and 7 if I remember right) and two others are barely hanging on.

Garbage trucks arriving at dumps, with homes in the background



How long would it take?    That’s up to me and YOU.....

Children Of The Dumps
PO Box 1225
Blue Hill, Maine 04614

* Please send a check, as it is not wise to send cash through the mail, but if you do send cash, package it up so it doesn't move around.

100% of all money raised will go directly to the children of the dumps through Metanoia Missions International, a missionary agency in Managua, Nicaragua that has specifically set up a fund for the children of the dumps or some non-designated funds may go to help other despirate children around the world.  All labor is volunteered regarding this website, administration of the projects, and the funds raised for the children of the dumps.

A special fund is set up with a local bank and all (100%) of the money in this account will go directly to the children of the dump in Managua, Nicaragua or other children around the world in needy situations via CRI (Children's Rescue International).

This bank account is tied to PayPal, an Internet financial service so people all over the world can also give.

The long-range plan for the children of the dumps is to relocate them into adequate places to live; working with local missionary agencies providing the children of the dumps a future through adoption and other avenues.  But that is up to you…..

 Thanks so much and GOD bless!

"Religion that God our Father accepts as pure and faultless is this:
to look after orphans and widows in their distress..."
       Holy Bible - James 1:27 (NIV)

 Our Story:

We are a family of eight living comfortably in the United States of America.  In December of 2004, some missionary friends of ours just returned from a short-term missions trip Managua, Nicaragua and showed our children a video and some slides that changed their lives.  It was the first time we had seen or heard about children and whole families living in huge dumps outside Managua, Nicaragua who constantly scavenge for any scrap of food and usable item.  An estimated 2,500 live and die in these dumps.  

Our children decided to do something about it.  A few days later, in talking to the missionaries who were visiting us in our home, our children soon disappeared to their rooms where they scavenge pennies, nickels, dimes, quarters, and even dollar bills.  They gave to the missionaries twenty-four dollars!

That was last night, it is now 4 AM and I woke early to a sick child with the flu.  I was able to clean her up and put on clean, dry clothes.  As I was cleaning up my three year-olds’ bed I flashed back to the video of a smoked filled dump with a very young child perhaps the same age of my child rummaging in bare feet through disease ridden garbage.  Something happened and I couldn't get back to sleep.  All I could do was think about "The Children Of The Dumps".  I came downstairs to my office and knelt down in prayer asking GOD to help the "Children Of The Dumps".  As I prayed, something happened…. I was overcome with grief and began to weep.  Tears flowed from this grown man of 46 and it was like for a moment I had felt a piece of the very heart of GOD for HIS children living and dying in a place HE never intended people to live.  I thought at this very second in these dumps, lots of children are perhaps sleeping; some perhaps sick and throwing up like my child.  But none of them have clean clothes, adequate medical attention, a warm home, and a clean bed to climb back into….

I arose and set my face to do something.  If my six children ages three to sixteen could pull together loose change, then I could also.  Maybe, just maybe, if the word got out to enough people who could scavenge their loose change, we all could make a lasting difference to the children of the dump.  Hence this web site and this project.....  

Now that you know... YOU too can make a difference.  Let's DO it!

Bottle Drive Info...


Kerisa and Abigail Lord (founding 'fathers') on a Bottle Drive route
Asking for loose change to change the fate of the Children of the Dump.

Contact your local bottle companies to donate cracked or otherwise unusable 5-gallon bottles for the use of the 'Bottle Drive'.

Print this web page out and tape on your large water bottle.  Make sure the water bottle you use is yours to use.  Call the company listed on the bottle, tell them what you are doing, make sure the bottle can be used for that purpose, because many times the bottles are on loan.


GOD & You are their only hope......


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